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Advantages of OfficeAsia – The Hong Kong Office Leasing Expert


  • Skillful negotiations are conducted by industry veterans with excellent track record in major office transactions
  • No conflict of interest between tenants and landlords. OfficeAsia does not provide valuation, property/asset management and office project marketing for landlord; we do not have a contractual partnership with any fit out company.
  • Represent tenants/investors to source and secure the best deals, rather than “hard selling” specific stock listing or seeking tenants for landlords on a particular commercial development
  • Your instructions are managed by a specialized small team, we can best safeguard your confidentiality.
  • Proven tenant representation process that is systematic and analytical
  • Excellent contact with decision makers on the landlord side
  • We create competitive advantage for tenants
Mark and his team at OfficeAsia were very helpful in searching for our new Hong Kong office which we found in Central with quality fittings at no additional cost so we very pleased.
Spokesperson - Linou Group

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