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Tenant Representation  “A Systematic and Analytical Process”

OfficeAsia acts as your retained Tenant Representative, the objective is to provide services to save tenants’ valuable management time and enhance efficiency.

We are tenant focused, not listing focused and 100% transparent. As we do not provide development marketing, property management or valuation services for landlords, we have No Conflict of Interest.

Renewal vs Relocation

We implement a proven tenant representation process that provides a responsive and analytical advisory function to determine the optimum solution. The process highlights and prioritizes all available options in the market place. We source commercial premises that best meet your requirements and strive to secure the best terms and conditions by creating leverage and true competition.

Our exclusive tenant representation process has 3-stage approach as follow:-

Mark and his team at OfficeAsia were very helpful in searching for our new Hong Kong office which we found in Central with quality fittings at no additional cost so we very pleased.
Spokesperson - Linou Group

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